Experiencing Saigon Flavor with Vespa

The Brief: 

We helped Schenker run a successful 5-day Regional Conference for 30 of their top senior management. From organizing the meeting venues for their professional presentations during the day to arranging all the meals and entertainment, we ensured the best experience for our guests by maximizing their time in Saigon.

The Execution:

After a long day filled with business presentations, all the guests were invited to hop on their own individual Vespa with a driver to start to discover Saigon by night. The tour highlighted popular sights, intriguing streets and best of all, a taste of Saigon. They tried ‘Banh Xeo’, special BBQ and beer. Zipping through Saigon on a Vespa to experience the local flavors was every guest’s favorite part of the trip.

At A Glance

Client: Schenker

Event type: Company Event

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Pax: 30